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Chicago Samba, Live Brazilian music & dance

Chicago Samba, a Midwest-based music ensemble, offers the authentic sounds of Brazil mixed with
the flavor of carnaval. They play a unique mix of Brazilian popular song styles, including:

* Samba, the energetic national rhythm of Brazil
* Bossa Nova, a laid-back, seductive sound that merges jazzy melodies with the essence of the samba
beat (popularized by Antonio Carlos Jobim and songs like “The Girl from Ipanema”)
* Brazilian Jazz, under the influence of American Jazz, this the newest style of world music.
* Olodum, an rhythm-heavy, Afro-Brazilian sound tinged with reggae (popularized by Olodum)
* Forro, a lively syncopated sound from the rural northeastern Brazil
* Chorinho, a richly melodic sound driven by string instruments like guitar, flute & cavaquinho.
* Pagode, a funky Rio "party music" sound
* Batucada, an exciting, all-percussive jam session that brings any audience to its feet to dance
along with the group - just like carnaval in Rio de Janeiro

No matter what kind of event you are organizing, Chicago Samba can enhance it with energetic and
creative music that your guests will enjoy. We can also provide additional musicians and Brazilian
dancers either with dance classes or with authentic Carnaval costumes to transform your event with a
taste of tropical Brazil. Chicago Samba features musicians, many of them Brazilians. They play at a variety of venues including music
festivals, nightclubs, private functions and schools.
Chicago Samba is under the direction of Mo Marchini, a native of Brazil, who has been
playing in the Chicago area for over 30 years. Chicago Samba enjoys an enthusiastic
following through its website (www.chicagosamba.com), a direct mailing list, e-mail list,
press releases to local and national media, press clippings and radio/TV interviews.
Chicago Samba can work to promote any event with CDs, photos, posters and other materials.
Chicago Samba also offers workshops to schools, organizations and businesses throughout
the United States and the world.

For more information visit: www.chicagosamba.com

For the Stage Plot- 5 musicians: Click here